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Umeed-e –Shifa aPvt .Ltd... The leading psychiatric, Psychological and addiction facility:

Umeed-e-Shifa Rehab Pvt ltd is the best addiction and psychiatric treatment facility in Islamabad, working 24/7 to provide quality is registered with SECP and Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority (IHRA). Psychiatrist are renowned and experienced in their field. Psychologist follow 12 step recovery program in treating addiction along with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), contingency management (CM), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and hypnotherapy in treating patient’s root cause of addiction use and psychological problems. Extensive family trainings are also provided to help them support patient by understanding and dealing effectively in recovery. Medical doctors and medical staff are present 24 hours in facility to aid patient in their physical and mental recovery.

Why we are best in town?

We follow international protocols and research base treatment to treat our patients. Treatment includes step by step long term sobriety process initiated by detoxification which will help in withdrawal management to heal the physical disturbance of the patient. Long term therapeutic treatment and facilitation provided to both patient in treatment and family as well. Proper diagnosis both medical and psychological is done by the professional to treat patient accordingly. Quran sessions for spiritual development, along with group and individual therapy and counseling sessions to improve psychological coping and immunity in return heal person’s mind, body and soul. We also provide facilitation after completion of indoor program in follow up plan to help patient and families maintain and assess the recover and sobriety.

What are we doing:


  • International standards and research based program

We follow research based and international treatment while treating our patients. Our patients are valuable and respectable and we treat them with best of human care they deserve.

  • Psychological diagnosis and treatment planning   

We provide complete and extensive assessment to our patient to make diagnosis of psychological and medical issues which are the leading causes of drug addiction.

  • Family intervention and training 

Families are the vital part of the treatment. We give great time and extensive sessions to all families to train them regarding dealing their patient in recovery process. Different aspects are covered during family trainings like communication, disease concept, relationship building, and relapse prevention, goal and boundary establishment.

  • Bio-psychosocial approach of treatment

Addiction is the complex disease that can only be treated by applying holistic approach. Biological, psychological and social issues that are leading toward the addiction and only by understating and resolving these can keep person on the path of recovery.

  • Spiritual healing

This is the foundation of recovery because it helps you to love yourself and others without pre-conditions. Spirituality is a powerful tool to rediscover the authentic self apart from addiction. It helps one to recognize negative thoughts, emotions and to regain peace.

  • Withdrawal management

Most of the patient couldn’t handle withdrawal on their own and restart the drugs or change the choice of drugs to maintain kind of normal life on their own. Withdrawal managements with complete psychiatric and medical help and observation are provided with help in regaining physical and psychological sobriety with ease and comfort.

  • Relapse prevention

Treatment of addiction is a long term journey and difficult to handle without help and guidance. Relapse is inevitable, for that the right help and support is provided to families and patients in preventing relapse by our professional 24/7

  • Psychical activities and fitness

No recovery is initiated without the physical fitness and recovery. Dedicated physical activity during treatment and recovery will help you reintroduce natural levels of endorphins in your system. This not only helps you feel better but reteaches your body that it is capable of regulating your own brain chemistry and mood in healthy, natural ways.

  • Psychological therapies

Extensive therapies and counselling by professional psychiatrist and psychologist are essential and integral part of treatment. Therapies for issues related to self-esteem, aggression, stress management, communication, performance, relationship building, depression and anxiety are most commonly dealt with psychotherapies.

  • OPD/psychiatric and medical   


We are providing complete OPD services to general community to offer services of our professionals to create healthy and flourishing community.

What we Do


Sports and physical trainings:

Physical activity is not only crucial to bring change in brain health rather impact the mental health and overall well-being, help control negative thoughts, aggression, negative emotions and stress.

Extra-curricular activities:

Help to improve mood and change emotion which will increase interest in life, enhance positive self-esteem and build new recognition which lead to higher self-concept

Addiction counselor:

Specialist with proper training and experience to diagnose the disease and to treat the underlying causes of mental health issues as a holistic approach. Professionals with dedication and commitment to bring change in the community through helping the most stigmatize patients and families are working 24/7 to make positive change among humanity

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Therapies aim to bring change in standard of living and overall well-being of both the patient and the families. Train professional with adequate experience as psychotherapist and treatment planning help to resolve inadequate thoughts, feelings, and emotions and change the perception to improve psycho-social well-being.

Cognitive behavior therapy:

CBT is major intervention approach to resolve psychological and social causes leading to difficulty of life. Through thought restructuring and guided approach lead to improve psychological immunity and coping skills. Some other approaches of psychotherapy are REBT, DBT, EMDR, psychoanalysis, and interpersonal therapy.

Spiritual healing:

Restoring hope is the basis of recovering from any challenge either physical or psychological problems. Hope rebuild beliefs and develops coping and tolerance necessary for reconnecting  with once true soul.

About Our Services

Umeed-e-Shifa Rehab is the state of art facility that provide facilitation and treatment based on modern research for psychological problems and addiction .

psychiatric and psychological assessment .

Child assessment (iQ. Behavioural, and personality assessment )

Special need assessment and individual need treatment plan


Family training And counselling 

Psycho-therapies ( depression , anxiety , bipolar, OCD, personality disorder, Drugs addiction)

Rehabilitation facility 

General OPD 24/7 

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